Friday, February 15, 2008

Open paint.
These eggs require usage of your ctrl key, so if you use ctrl to select a tertiary color, you will most likely want to select it to be the same as your primary color when using these eggs. (Tertiary colors are selected by holding ctrl while picking a color.)
To stamp, select part of the image and hold ctrl while dragging it.
To scuff, select part of the image and hold shift while dragging it.
To use brush pressure, hold ctrl and press - or + on the keypad while drawing, spraying, or using a shape tool.
To draw straight or diagonal lines with the pencil, hold Shift and move the mouse in that direction.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The coolest easter egg i have ever seen is the the one in winamp....
Try it....

1. In WinAmp 5.0, click on Options then on Preferences (or simply press Ctrl-P).
2. Click on the Input option under Plug-ins (these are on the left side of the window).
3. Click on Nullsoft NSV Decoder 1.02
4. Click on about.
5. Double click on the box with the llama picture in it.
You can keep double clicking for different effects...