Sunday, July 13, 2008

It has been my dream to write a novel and now I am living the dream.The name of my story is Mystic murder.

Plot summary
The story describes the attempts of Rudran, an attorney in Chennai High court , to solve the murder of his father DD and to lift the ban on the book "Religion, an encyclopedia of superstitions?" penned by his dad. The story also includes Detective officer James who identifies that DD was only the start to a series of murders. Whether the murderer was identified and what was the reason behind the murders has been told in a gripping fashion in a two track story line.

I had framed the entire plot before 2 months and started writing the story. I have posted 11 chapters of the story in the blog .I have completed 17 chapters so far.

When I read the story, I felt that I should rewrite some portions of the story in a more narrative and descriptive way. Ofcourse the story as of now has my own unique style imbibed to it. Can you people read the story and tell me what you feel about my story and how I could improve(the narration)!