Friday, May 15, 2009

I had been saying that, my next story is time to live and its about three engineering students. Here goes the plot of the story.

Dr. Prince is the dean of computer science dept at Mistian University in Florida. He asks his students, Sam, Benny and Harry to find a book titled Time to Live and bring it to him. They find the book and take it to his home. To their surprise, they find Prince dead. They read the book, to find out what the professor had in his mind. The book starts with a professor asking his three trustable students to bring him a book and the three characters resemble them. In the book those three characters go in search of a treasure. Sam, Benny and Harry decide that, they should also try that fortune and follow the path of the characters in that book. What happens to them? Was this book a coincidence? Was their fate pre-written in a story book? All this unfolds in a gripping climax which goes back to the second world war era!

Hope I start this story next sem and finish it by the end of this year!

I had been so obsessed with the usage of Microsoft Access, that I almost forgot about other databases. Ofcourse I turned to IBM DB2 for my project Min Kalloori. But turned back to access once again for the Informative Bus Transport for Transport Corporation project. Finally I had to quit MS Access because I had to develop an application which was a multi-user application and I had to use a server. Thats when I consulted with few people on the databases available. Obviously oracle comes as the first choice. But lisence is a big problem. Then MySQL and Postgres was suggested. I liked Postgres for its front end. But storing a BLOB created lot of problems. So, I turned back to MySQL and used a third party front end software called MySQL-Front.

MySQL is a much more stable and faster database than Microsoft Access. MySQL is also open-source, which means that it is free.

And I have completed the project using MySQL. MySQL had become My SQL. Its much better than MS Access.