Friday, May 15, 2009

MySQL vs. MS Access

I had been so obsessed with the usage of Microsoft Access, that I almost forgot about other databases. Ofcourse I turned to IBM DB2 for my project Min Kalloori. But turned back to access once again for the Informative Bus Transport for Transport Corporation project. Finally I had to quit MS Access because I had to develop an application which was a multi-user application and I had to use a server. Thats when I consulted with few people on the databases available. Obviously oracle comes as the first choice. But lisence is a big problem. Then MySQL and Postgres was suggested. I liked Postgres for its front end. But storing a BLOB created lot of problems. So, I turned back to MySQL and used a third party front end software called MySQL-Front.

MySQL is a much more stable and faster database than Microsoft Access. MySQL is also open-source, which means that it is free.

And I have completed the project using MySQL. MySQL had become My SQL. Its much better than MS Access.