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Well I had started a fan-fiction of HP 7 way back in 2007 and written few chapters.
Thought my blog readers shall have a read of this incomplete story.



With all the horcruxes destroyed and only the last bit of soul to be conquered Harry would soon meet voldermort in their final match.Who would win it?It's been a long journey for Harry right from the day he had seen Hagrid for the first time!

Harry had been in greatest despair when dumbledore died.And wanted to kill snape.But found that Snape was innocent too.Now snape too had died to save Harry.

And Ron and Hermione were in St,Mungo's,injured while destroying the sorting hat.So he was alone and had to kill Voldermort on his own.

when all these thoughts were crossing Harry's mind.

Harry heard someone calling "Potter",voldermort has entered the room.

"Voldermort",screamed harry and lifted his wand like a gladiator would lift his sword.

"what are you doing in this department of mysteries?Potter how do you want to die,as your Godfather black died?or as Ginny died,or as the traitor snape died?,or as Dumbledore died?".

As voldermort was speaking Dumbledore appeared out from nowhere but air!He was standing in between Harry and Voldermort!

"Good evening Tom, Hello Harry ",he said with his usual warmth.

Voldermort was stunned "how could this be possible?"

"I could not believe my eyes",he said.

Harry was shocked surprised,happy,and many other emotions filled him all together.

"Tom,the power of love which you constantly ignore saved me, and would now kill you"

Suddenly a cry of "AVADA KEDAVRA" was heard.Voldermort fell down,the person who killed voldermort is............................................................................................

to be contd.,



“Harry, Harry”, harry was pinched hard by Hermione.

Harry woke up from his sleep.

“It’s getting late for the marriage.Get ready soon Harry you should not be late.”

“Hermione. I had a strange dream , voldermort being killed by someone and Dumbledore coming alive.”

He explained his dream in the best possible way,he remembered it.

Hermione was surprised to hear such a dream from Harry.

But for a second she thought ’what a happy day that might be,if the dream comes true ’

She sighed and said ”Harry we would all be happy if that becomes true but it is too early to predict.”

“We’ll discuss it later Harry.Bill would be very happy to see you, I’ll move on.”, cheered Hermione and left.

Harry was giving the dream a thought.‘I had been standing in the department of mysteries and I should have destroyed all the horcruxes for someone to kill Voldemort.Who is that person for I could see only his shadow when he was about to see who he was? Hermione woke me up.Only if I had seen who it was thought Harry.

He had planned to go to the godric hallow after bill’s marriage, which was going to happen today.

Harry who was picked up by uncle Vernon at the end of 6th term
had escaped himself from Surrey to Grimmaud palace after a brief stint of one week there.

“Potter sir, Harry Potter sir”, squeaked a voice which was from none other than Harry’s favorite elf Dobby. “Potter sir, shall I make the breakfast ready”

“Yeah, Dobby. You make it ready while I make myself ready.”


The marriage hall was filled with lot of people who Harry recognized just by seeing once.Harry raised his eyebrows seeing Percy .

Hagrid smiled at Harry.

But Harry was surprised not to find the man who was obvious to be present.Lupin was nowhere to be seen.Harry wanted to discuss about his strange dream to Lupin.Harry was disappointed.
A sudden thought crossed Harry’s mind if he was not here then he should be with Grayback’s werewolf team and Lupin had promised to.......

To be contd.,

Lupin had promised to locate the Godric hallow for Harry and Harry’s travel to the Godric hallow will depend a lot on Lupin’s presence.

Harry didn’t know how 2 hours passed as Bill had exchanged the rings with Fleur Delacour.

Gabrielle (Fleur’s sister)was present too.

She gave a pleasing look towards Harry,seeing him,which he hardly noticed.

Just after the rings were exchanged, Lupin entered the palace , grievously injured,
With blood covering his robes.

Lupin came straight towards Harry.

“Harry, come with me, we have to leave now to you know where”.

Harry started ”why are you so badly injured? ”

Lupin cut him “Later Harry.we have to leave now .”

“come with me immediately ”,said Lupin.

Ron and Hermione started protesting.

“We would like to come with Harry wherever he goes.”, they pleaded.

“You don’t understand. We have to go alone” ,said Lupin.

Tonks started to say something…

“We would soon return, we should go”, Tonks was cut in by Lupin.

“Listen here all off you. It’s my decision that really matters. I decide to go with Lupin. Don’t try to stop us please ”,Harry said.

Many wizards and witches present in the marriage were left as silent spectators of what was happening.

They didn’t have any clue of what was happening.

Harry left with Lupin.

All were discussing about what further surprise they might
in this marriage?

Ron and Hermione were hugely disappointed by the way Harry dealt with them
They were angry with Harry as he didn’t explain the reason for leaving them.
One hour passed………………

Lupin came back alone.Harry was nowhere to be seen.
His robes were drenched in blood.

He came straight to Hermione (the closest person)
He asked “Hermione Where is Harry?”

To be contd.,

What’s this?”, shouted at least twenty persons.

“Harry had gone with you”, Hermione said.

“No”, cried Lupin.

“I was attacked by some person, I don’t know who it was, right outside this building,
He bound me with Incarcerous , and hit me with few more spells and I started bleeding heavily I went unconscious and I don’t know how long I had been unconscious”

As Lupin was talking,
Tonks pointed her wand towards Lupin and said “Episkey”. The nose which was bleeding, very badly, Stopped bleeding.

“Well, someone who had come in your disguise had taken Harry with him , and the last thing we wanted is losing Harry”, said Hermione.

“Even if he attacked me how was he able to plot the Palace?, unless he was in the order of the Phoenix.”, questioned Lupin.

“Why did you send Harry alone. Is this the way you protect him?”,said an angry Lupin, seeing Lupin angry was a very rare sight, and this is the first time people had seen him angry.

“But whoever the person was he has hoodwinked all the witches and wizards here and had taken Harry” , said Bill.

“So. We had lost Harry….”, declared Hermione.

“No you haven’t”, said a voice which everyone there,knew.

It was the voice of Harry Potter himself.



“Harry, where were you”, asked Lupin , Bill, Ron ,Hermione, Hagrid and many others.

“Well it’s a long story”, said Harry.

“I guessed something was wrong with Lupin. I wanted to sort it out. Further,
I wanted to discuss with him a matter.So I left with him.”

“We left. Lupin asked me to hold his hand as we had to apparate to the Godric hallow.
After we had apparated I found that the person was no longer Lupin.
He had transformed into some other person. Guessed he was not Lupin.
He should have taken the polyjuice potion. That place was too creepy.
That man didn’t talk too much. I had never seen him before.
I thought that it was unsafe to be with him.
So I had apparated back, in a flash.” Harry finished.

Well this is what Harry said them. But he lied, at least partially

The actual story is…………

Harry left with Lupin. They had apparated to the creepy place, which Harry mentioned.

But the person spoke lot.

The person started to speak as his figure transformed into a tall, slim, fair guy, with a pinch of sadness in his eyes but with sharp nose and blonde hair.

“Harry, I am not Lupin”,he said.

“I very well see that”, replied Harry.

“I knew you were not Lupin even before traveling with you ,for Lupin would always show a lot of patience which was missing in you, but I wanted to find who you were, so I came with you, so Who are you?, are you a death eater” demanded Harry.

“Well I was one, you may not believe me, but I am Regulus Black”, said that person.

Harry could not believe his ears.

“How could I believe you?”, asked Harry.

“I have two proofs, first read his”, he handed a parchment to Harry.

It read

To the Dark Lord
I know I will be dead long before you read this
But I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret.
I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match,
You will be mortal once more.

It was the replica of the parchment which Harry earlier gained.

“How is it possible? You are R.A.B?”, Harry was shocked, surprised, and he went dumb.

Regulus continued,“The second proof is…………” he showed Harry a locket.

Harry asked ,“Is this the locket still a horcrux, haven’t you destroyed it yet.”

“Certain questions are difficult to answer Harry. But the Dark Lord is a very clever person. I think he had developed the potion in such a way that that the person who drinks it would never be able to destroy his horcrux.”, Regulus said.

“Where were you so far and Sirius said to me that you were killed by Voldemort in person.So how did you escape death?”

“Harry,I was trying to find the remaining horcruxes of Lord Voldemort,after many years of hard work I found one”

“What is that horcrux?”Harry grew anxious.

“Well,it might be hard to digest but you have to, it’s YOU”,said Regulus.


To be contd……..

“Harry, Harry don’t get upset I had been observing you for the past four years Harry,knew that you could not take it, but I had to tell you , the time’s come for you to know”

Harry who had by the time gone restless started to shoot a series of questions towards Regulus ,“How do you know I am a horcrux, How did you escape Voldemort, Sirius said that you were directly killed by Voldemort?,Where were you all these years? Why did you disguise yourself as Lupin,? How had you been observing me for four years?Why did you bring me hear and what do you want me to do?”

“Well Harry not too many questions together! Ask one by one.”,replied Regulus.

“How do you know I am a horcrux?” said Harry.

“I got this theory only after seeing you Harry.You possess some of the rare qualities of the Dark Lord , further the curse ‘AVADA KEDAVRA’ never leaves any mark, u have a scar Harry, which is an indicator that he never used the killing curse on you instead he should have made you a Horcrux. Making a wizard as a Horcrux should have deprived him of his power” explained Regulus.

“Well it’s only your guess right? How could you be so sure that I’m a horcrux.And is Voldemort so foolish to destroy his own horcrux.”, said Harry.

“Harry, you don’t know much about the Dark Lord, he would always have a reason beyond every action of his which I’m now not sure of ” , you being a horcrux is not only my say but Dumbledore too has the same feeling.

Harry could not believe his ears.This day has been one in which Harry has heard too many bizarre stories and now he hears that Dumbledore feels something.

“How do you know what Dumbledore feels or rather felt? He’s dead don’t you know that?”,said Harry.

“Harry sometimes truth is stranger than the fiction but believe me Harry Dumbledore’s portrait has become active.I don’t know how. I went to Hogwarts to check whether an object of the Dark Lord was still there.While searching, I entered the Headmistress’ room.There I was surprised to see Dumbledore arguing with Phineas, my grandfather. Dumbledore too was surprised to see me alive,like you.He asked me many questions which outnumbered you.After answering them all,he believed me.He took me to his confidence.He gave me a lot of instructions one was to take persuade you to go to Hogwarts and meet him.”,said Regulus.

Harry’s brain was jammed with too many thoughts.

“I’ll answer all your other questions later, we are running out of time, except for one question.How was I able to observe you for the past four years?.........though this is not your question”, paused Regulus

And continued “Harry like my brother I’m an unregistered animagus too and I’m the cat who was named as crookshanks by Hermione,your friend” finished Regulus.

Harry’s excitement was going up.

Regulus took out a teacup from his pocket. He raised a wand and murmured “PORTUS”. For a moment the teacup vibrated, glowing with an odd blue light; then it quivered to rest, as solidly black as ever.

“Harry you take this ”, he said handed the teacup to Harry.

“This is a portkey to Hogwarts, Dumbledore would be waiting there for you”he said and added “Not Dumbledore himself but his Portrait”.

“But I would not like to leave to Hogwarts without informing Ron and Hermione”,said Harry.

“You need not Harry ,for according to them you are not going to leave.”

“What?”,said Harry.

“I said according to them you are not going to leave”,saying so Regulus took a large bottle full of potion,Which was present in a shelf in that creepy place,Which Harry recognized in his first sight. It was the polyjuice potion.



What’s happened since that is quite understandable?
Regulus had taken the polyjuice potion and transformed into Harry and had returned to the Grimmauld Palace and Harry’s left to Hogwarts……………

Harry held the portkey tightly into his hand on the count of three he said to himself
He was swirling fast.He reached the Headmistress room.The portkey had taken him there.

He had a voice “WELCOME BACK TO HOGWARTS,HARRY”, the voice very familiar to Harry, he could never forget the voice of that person, it was the voice of Albus Dumbledore the late Headmaster of Hogwarts, from his portrait.

“Sir…Sir…..How are you?”, Harry could not form any other sentence with his brain jammed with too many thoughts for a 16 year old(Harry’s yet to celebrate his 17th birthday).

“Harry, rather than the question how are you it might be more prompt to ask what are you?, My senses are no more active. But my sense is very active, last week I had a great fight with Phineas on the issue of being a portrait”, said Dumbledore who looked like a person filled with over whelming joy.

“Sir I’m glad that you are back”, said Harry.

“I’m as happy as you are”, replied Dumbledore.

“Sir, I said about Snape to you. Finally he turned out to be a villain and had……..had………….k……………”, Harry could not finish.

Dumbledore finished “And he had killed me Harry”.

“Harry.The episode you witnessed of snape killing me has many reasons lying behind it.But that is to be explained later.As for now I can only tell you that we have to continue our lessons.Harry go near the pensieve placed on the table…..”

To be contd.,

Three days passed.

At the Grimmaud palace, Harry was sitting aloof from all the persons in the house.

Lupin saw Harry, he came near Harry and said,”Harry,you asked me to take you to the Godric Hallow.Shall we go there now?”

“Yes definitely”,laughed Harry,well Regulus in Harry’s disguise.

“We would accompany Harry this time.Last time Harry was sent alone and the consequences were not exemplary”,declared Ron and Hermionein unison.

“So let it be”,said Lupin.

Lupin continued

“I have a portkey for Godric hallow.Hold it.On the count of three.Three……..two……….one…….”

This feeling of traveling using a potkey was not new for them,being wizards they all have had the experience of using a portkey.They landed in a place.

“It is similar to Hogwarts grounds”,said Ron.

“It is not similar to Hogwarts Ron,It is Hogwarts”,said Hermione pointing towards the castle.

“Where have you brought us”, before they finished the question to Lupin he had vanished.

**I am using Harry (Regulus) to indicate Regulus is in the form of Harry Potter

To be contd.,

They started to move around the castle grounds in search of Lupin.
Harry (Regulus) said, “What is the point in uselessly roaming? Let us go and meet McGonagall and explain her, what happened.”

Though Ron initially hesitated he agreed after Hermione showed little of her persuasive skill and imperative skill mixed together.

They went to a spot in the seventh floor corridor where a single gargoyle stood against the wall.

Ron asked, “Now how to enter the office without knowing the password?”

“FELIX FELICIS”, said Harry (Regulus).

“What a vague guess”, said Ron.

For a moment nothing happened then suddenly, the gargoyle leapt aside; the wall behind it slid apart, and a moving spiral stone staircase was revealed, on to which all the three stepped, so that they were carried in smooth circles upto the door with the brass knocker that led to Mcgonagall’s office.

“How did you know this password Harry”, questioned Hermione with lot of suspicion that was visible in her way of questioning itself.

“Oh! come on Hermione. It was after all a good guess from Harry”, said Ron.

Harry (Regulus) said, “No Ron. Hermione is right. I am not Harry Potter. I am Crookshanks”, saying so Harry (Regulus) transformed into Crookshanks.

Both Hermione and Ron wondered what other surprise they had to face.

Well, they are in for lot more surprises.

To be contd.,

And it was never continued. I started my research work for Mystic Murder(my first novel), so I left this story incomplete! (Before I could resume, the original book released :-))

Hope you had a good time reading it.