Thursday, March 20, 2008

Recently I came across this fascinating version of chess(passed on to me by my friend Karthikeyan). I didn't have an opportunity to play it. You need a different chess board to play it, but the concept itself is beautiful!3-way chess is a chessboard on which three people can play. The same rules apply except for some slight variation on moves made through the center of the board.

The regular chess rules are used, although the shape of the board is obviously different.

This is an empty board. Every player has 16 standard chess pieces.

The pawn moves as usual straight forward and takes enemy pieces one square diagonally forward.

In the center the pawn can attack three squares diagonally.

The bishop is limited to diagonal movement.

The rook moves as always. Nothing new.

The knight is also no different from a standard knight.

Nothing new for the queen as well.

One peculiar feature: the diagonal in the center of the board.

Close-up of the chess figures.

It's uncomfortable to play on a regular square desk.

The game is great, but three people are needed.

General rules:

1. The players take turns clockwise. The right of the first move is determined randomly.
2. The player who makes first check-mate wins.
3. The pawns move straight forward. Accordingly half of the pawns goes to the right, and the other half goes to the left.
The main characteristic of the game: if two players don't like the third, he is doomed.
The funny part of the game: the two players must compete for the privilege to check-mate the third.
I still prefer the 2 player chess which I am familiar with!


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goodpost broooooooooooooooo

Rumen Rachkov said...

It is available online on . You can call two of your best chess friends and try it :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rumen Rachkov! You're the best. I was looking for that so long time...

Anonymous said...

The shape of board is rare. Does anybody know where it is possible to buy chess with quadrilateral cells like this one on the picture ?