Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Me and my Projects!!!!

All these days I had been working on few VB projects.That is the reason for me not posting in my blog!This post would be on the softwares(small softwares) I developed.
The softwares that I developed are:
  1. Torrent timer
  2. SD's Alarm Clock
  3. SDPAD
  4. Key Catcher
  5. Toggler
Torrent Timer:

Screen shots of Torrent timer

This software was the birth of my need to download torrents. My net plan
allows me unlimited download from 2 AM to 8 AM. So I had to wake up early in
the morning to switch on the net, to stop that, I came with the idea of
torrent timer. If you mention the hours and minutes after which the download
should start, this software will start the download automatically. It can
also be used to any other file/software also. I have added an audio player
with this software and the interface has been developed keeping the end
user’s comfort in mind.

When a playlist of format “.wpl” is opened a special playlist navigator opens
making the audio player user friendly.

Download link:

SD's Alarm Clock:

Screen shot of SD's Alarm Clock

It is a simple alarm clock with the feature of adding a music file as the alarm tone.
While enetering the date and time the correct format has to be maintained, otherwise the clock may not work as you desire.


Screenshot of SDPAD

SDPAD is the replica of notepad! The additional feature is that you can change the color and fonts with better effect than in notepad!!!

Download link:

Key Catcher:

Screen Shots of key catcher

Off all the softwares I developed, this is the best one.
You can rename the key catcher as SYSTEM because in task manager, this would sound better!!! This software will store the keys pressed in your system when it is running! It will also store the active windows running in the system once every minute. You can hide the key catcher so that it runs invisibly!

Download link:


Screen shot of toggler

This is the first game I had ever developed using VB(any language for that matter).
It is a simple game.
The goal of the game is to turn all the buttons from [X] to [.]. This is done by clicking. When a button is clicked, its state is toggeled, but so is the state of four buttons around it, so plan carefully!

Download link:

You download these softwares, work with them and comment on the softwares.


Gagan said...

yo !! this is cool man !!

the torrent timer is really amazing !!

Deepak said...

thank u...