Sunday, June 8, 2008


Wordcount is my third game and I would rate it as the best of the three.

Screenshots of Wordcount game

There are two levels in this game.

  1. Frame the word.
  2. Find the word.

Frame the word

  1. You begin the game by choosing either a vowel or a consonant.
  2. After choosing 9 letters, your count down starts!!!
  3. Within one minute,you have to form a word using the letters (not necassarily all the letters) in the letter pool.
  4. Use each letter in the pool only once!
  5. You score based on the length of your word and maximum length possible.
  6. 5 times this level is played!

Find the word

  1. This is simple jumble solving.
  2. It is a seven letter jumble (with no letter repeating).
  3. Within 30 seconds you have to solve the jumble.
  4. If it is correct you score 200 points.

Your final score is out of 700 points.

This is an acid test to your vocabulary skills!

This game is loosely based on the COUNT DOWN game which runs on channel 4 in UK.

Download link:


arjun said...

Hey, the first one sounds interesting.....
Will surely check it out....

Keep Writing..


stephan said...

some useful info i guessbtw how do u make it

using vb right ??

Deepak said...

i use vb.....

:) said...

nice one... will play the game in office :)