Friday, October 3, 2008

Yet another Ambigram

This picture is an ambigram, an image which can be viewed in more than one way depending on how you perceive it. The thing about this sort of image, in particular, is that it manages to convince you visually that you're looking at two completely contradictory views at the exact same time. What does this tell you about perception, and the way our brain processes conflicting stimuli? Can you see it as both images simultaneously, or merely as one, then the other, alternating based on how you squint or tip your head?


Mel said...

Wow. This is increadibly cool. I liked your blog very very much.
Visit mine, if you can.
Take care.
Mel, from Brazil.

wankongyew said...

I love this stuff, especially when the puzzle part melds seamlessly into a normal seeming painting, as opposed to being a pure, abstract puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Escher painting, but not exactly an ambigram, by definition. Cannot simply be an image which can be viewed in more than one way from multiple angles, but rather must be the "SAME" image when viewed from different angles. While this escher painting offers interesting visual conflicts involving the existence of two different pictures in the same single physical space, it does not present an identical picture when rotated or flipped.