Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cracking Klueless 4...


I started solving klueless 4 on November 11 2008 by 10 AM (it was suggested to me by my former blog mate and friend Surya) and finished it today morning by 6 AM. Cracked it in under 48 hours. I would have worked around 10 hours on it totally. I would like to share my experience on each level here.

Level 1,2,3: If one couldn't solve them in under a minute. Then there is no point in the player continuing with Klueless.

Level 4: The real challenge started from here. Relatively simple for Indians because of the title of the level.

Level 5: This involved nothing more than googling. The url of that page was to be observed.

Level 6: This was quite simple for me. 'nAMe' here was the clue. Google about the cartoon character in the page.

Level 7: Very simple level. Observing the name of the image and url held the key.

Level 8: This one was the first puzzle that really tested me. It was a poem. It made me to read about Santa and his reindeer.

Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen!

The above lines I got from Wiki helped me solve this round.
All these are reindeer of Santa.

I should have concentrated on Lucas number, which I didn't do.

Level 9: I googled the title of that level and immediately got the solution in wikipedia.

Level 10: This was very simple to me because I already knew Tom Cruise's birthday. It coincides with my uncle's birthday July 3. And I knew a little about Penelope Kruz too. That helped too. Then I also know the birthday of Angelina Jolie. That really helped me to solve that level!

Level 11: It was the first question related to cricket. And the clues in the page especially four and God, I couldn't have asked more in that level!

Level 12: This one i was really lucky to remember the geometric figure in the picture. Though it has connection with the prominent personality and dish present. For a stranger to that figure, it's quite tough I think!

Level 13: This was very simple. Being a big time LOTR fan. This level was very simple.

Level 14: I was lucky to get this one because, I was naming each stone in the ring and was typing it down in notepad. There were seven stones and I identified
3.Amber(This one was with help from wiki)

And couple of other stones. oh! oh! I am spilling the beans out. I will stop with this.

Level 15 a: This was very simple. Socrates' assistant helped me. The way level 15 a ended with the road not taken poem edited was amazing!

Level 15 b: Déjà vu of playing Level 1 took me to a semi completion of this level. Which had the prerequisite of completing level 15 a and c.

Level 15 c: This is the first one where my friends Arun and Karthi joined me in yahoo messenger. With search for some time. We found that it was a movie name so close to a man eating another man. Arun's role played important.

Level 16: In this level I found what was required really fast. But unnecessarily delayed due to some wrong misinterpretation. My friend Karthi had some power disruptions too. But he called me up to tell the exact answer, Bletchley Park would not have known this!.

Level 17: This level was nothing more than google search. Saving the image and observing it helped us. This was solved by my friend Arun.

Level 18: This is the level which I love. This was once again solved by my friend Arun. Who told the method and I found the solution. The name of the level has a very important role.

Level 19: Arun had the chance to watch a series which I hadn't watched at all. This helped him solve it really fast.

Level 20: When we entered this level, it was late in the evening around 9. So I left to have dinner and my friend Karthi solved this level before I could get what it was. But it was relatively simple.

Level 21: AT SiX PoinT. This was the text in that round. Arun gave the idea of what it could be. And we were working on the intermediate part of this level. Suddenly I got the solution, which was so close to what all three were thinking. I was back on track.

Level 22: We worked on this for a long time and it was 10:30. My friends bid adieu and left. And I was working on that level, thinking of finishing 25 on day one. And finally patient reading in wikipedia helped me solve that level.

Level 23: I have read some forums where people say that they have solved it but without understanding the crypt. All I can say is prime numbers have never let me down.

Level 24: I liked the concept of this round. Of the rounds that I solved within a minute, this was one too. But this was the one I loved the most of them. After solving it, I tried to match the other clues too.

Level 25: When I reached this level it was 11:30. I was feeling very sleepy. But I couldn't, because my target was finishing 25. But after finishing around 80% of the level I accidentally read the rules of Klueless 4. And the 13th one, Take breaks between levels. It invariably helps :) . Caught my attention. So I decided to sleep by 1.

As I slept, I had dreams about level 25 ;-)

Then when I woke up, I solved it. I never imagined it was such an easy level.

This was my longest level in klueless 4. First time I posted in the forum of Klueless was for this level. And I solved it before I got a reply :-)

Level 26: Hmmm, optical illusions are always available in the net. And this one was a huge let down sort of level after an amazing level 25. Maybe a refresher.

Level 27: The next level didn't test one's mathematical skills or physics skills. It's an altogether different area. Relatively simple.

Level 28: After level twenty five. This one was the best! There's one phrase batman comes to the rescue. I never knew the answer was hiding in this phrase. But solving in the normal route by identifying the picture ignoring the batman sentence proved to be correct.

Level 29: Though this level didn't take much time. It was a master piece from the klueless 4 team. I got the direction to proceed from the picture name. But thought I could solve it faster if I had one of my friends to discuss this with. And Karthi came online. He helped me to unearth the image which was not just the image as I already knew little about the content of the picture. But the way the title of this level was linked to the picture was amazing. The best one of klueless in my view is this level. I was needlessly wasting time on this after finding the correct solution!

Level 30: I had not visited the original iris site. So I didn't understand this and posted in the forum for which I received a reply that I should check out the iris site. After checking the iris site. Solving this level took more time because. There were some differences to be discovered. And this level was aptly named alternate. I had my semester exam today. So I had to stop at that point and study. Today morning, when I woke up, I woke up the solution to the alternate. And reading Dan Brown helped me to solve this level.

Level 31: After solving thirty levels this titled XXX+1 took less than half a minute to solve. This level was more a tribute to Klueless team.

I enjoyed playing klueless. But it is addictive. So try it only when you are free. Definitely not when you have your semester exam happening.

I would now like to solve the previous versions of klueless(1-3)!


Avinash said...

help needed at level 5. mail at

Deepak said...

google the terms it cognizant and cbc..
u will find it!

Tejaswini Shenoy said...

obviously it took me long enough to find my way to klueless 4... Could you help me with level 16? I have changed most words to single letters. Can't go on further from here... Please help....

u r ur own god c thru ur own i b urself

u r ur 1 god c thru ur 1 i b urself

What do I do next?

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