Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Crimson room solution

On the eve of new year, I was playing crimson room by coincidence, and luckily won the game too! I had known the game for the past 13 to 14 months. But I was unable to proceed after a certain position in that game. Today I broke that jinx and got the solution!

2 rings: 1 falls from the curtain (keep opening and closing it), 1 ring is on the bowl next to the stereo

2 keys (gold and silver): 1 key is on the window, 1 under the pillow

CD Case: In the drawer, you don't need it

Note: In the drawer, you don't need it, except it points to a webpage that's supposed to hint a secret code for later on.

Use the keys to open the drawer

Mystery Box: Use the other key to open the drawer

Ordinary Key: Plug the power chord into CD player and open the cd slot, there is another key

Metal Rod: Lift the pillow and on the bed, there is a metal rod

Battery: On the far side of the bed

Cassette: Below the desk which supports the CD player

Fit the rings & metal rod on the mystery box.

Open mystery box, fit in cassette player and battery, play the movie.

The dancing man points to a spot on the screen. Mouse click that point. [Wait till the movie stops playing before you click!]

Open the rectangular slot. The code can be found on a special page.In some instances, you may need to visit the website, then re-start the Crimson Room.) that the note you found earlier points to, use the key open the safe.

You get a screw driver in the safe

Use the screw driver to crack the door and go out.


The hints to solve

There are twelve things to collect in total. Seven of them are in/around the yellow drawers. Two at the curtain, three at the bed. Nine of the items can be found without using any other item - i.e. simply by looking around the room.

Now you know how many at each location that should help you to find them all, but if you are still stuck...

The yellow drawers
The top two drawers are unlocked and contain a CD and a memo. On top is a CD player, two speakers and a bowl. In the bowl is a thin ring. On the floor, beneath the drawers is a cassette tape. You now have four items.

The curtains
Open the curtains and you will find a key on the window sill. Open and close the curtains a few times and a ring will fall onto the floor. You now have six items.

The bed
Under the pillow is another key. If you click to the left of the mattress while the pillow is raised, you will find a metal stick. At the far end of the bed, face the bare wall then click on the floor bottom left and you will be able to look down the side of the bed and find a battery. You now have nine items.

Using the keys you can now open the drawers and obtain a power supply cable and a small strange box. The power cable gets the CD player working and you can open the CD tray to find another key. You now have twelve items.

Use the rings and the metal stick to open the small strange box. Once open, use the battery and cassette and click on the lens to see a movie.

The movie contains a big clue what to do next.

Meanwhile, remember the memo? It contained a URL and you really should go take a look. [If it is difficult to read, the full URL is

The combination to the safe is found on four cards... you can get these cards by visiting the URL on the memo you found in the dresser drawer. (In some instances, you may need to visit the website, then re-start the Crimson Room.)
Okay, back to the movie.

Near the end of the movie the dancing guy points at a small cross. The cross appears three times and each time he points at it.

When the movie ends, click in exactly the spot that the cross was three time. An opening will appear revealing a combination lock and a keyhole.

Then use the key to open the lock and reveal item number 13 - a straight driver.

Go to the door and click on it to go up close, then use the driver to butcher the handle and you are out :-)

The year 2008 had ended on a high note with me solving the crimson room! Wish you all a very happy new year :-) Hope 2009 rocks!!!