Monday, March 2, 2009

If you are writing a novel, or if you will be writing a novel or even if after reading this post you want to write a novel then here's a very good website Fortychapters .

Forty Chapters can be termed as ‘A Novel Writing Wizard’, you move one step at a time, defining each attribute of your novel, starting from the name, then characters (their name, their characters and all), later you define the acts, and finally you start with the chapters.

Once you are done with your writing, or at any point of time if you feel like exporting your work, as shown in the animation, you can download your manuscript in any one of the available formats, namely text, PDF, Word.

Apart from this, one of the biggest issues with beginners is, they write something, and next time when they want to get back to writing, they somehow fail to get in the same scenario again, and I think Forty Chapters has the ability to remove this block, as you have saved your work with every fine details about your Novels’ scene and environment, you can anytime easily get into it again, to express yourself further.So good luck for the novel.

It will be very useful for budding novel writers. I am writing my third novel Final Fiasco using this site!