Sunday, October 18, 2009

I wanted to share my life at college. Its no secret. Its a reminiscence of my college life. I have named this post as Peristaltic Wave. I first heard this term when I was studying about the process of digestion in my zoology book, when I was in twelfth standard.

An interesting fact
When you consume food, whatever might be the posture in which you are, even if you are hanging upside down, the food would reach the stomach.

This gentleman called 'Peristaltic Wave' is responsible for this. In much of the gastrointestinal tract, smooth muscles contract in sequence to produce a peristaltic wave which forces a ball of food along the gastrointestinal tract. This wave helps to carry the food in a direction that is expected!

From the above paragraph it might me evident for you that I had been studying Zoology with a purpose (or even biology for that matter) and I was very passionate about it too. I wanted to be a Doctor.

It was March-2006 and I had my twelfth board examinations. The only exam for which I prepared giving my 100 percent was my biology exam. Though I gave my 100 percent I missed out on few one mark questions and couple of three mark questions. I was sure of getting 190 in the paper. So as I always calculate I calculated this too.

When I was studying twelfth, the medical cut-off was calculated in this pattern

Biology theory-100 marks (200/2)
Physics theory-50 marks (200/4)
Chemistry theory-50 marks (200/4)

Biology Entrance Exam Score-50 (90/90*50)
Physics+Chemistry Entrance Exam Score-50 (90/90*50)

Total: 300

My calculation was that I lose 5 marks in biology.

I had already calculated that I will be losing 16 marks in physics and 4 Marks in chemistry.

So it was losing 10 marks in total.

190/200 was my expectation.

Then came entrance examination.

I performed pretty well in biology and pretty bad in the physics-chemistry entrance examination. Mainly because, I was focussing on biology exam in the morning (I had both the entrance examinations on the same day). It was taxing my brain. My poor preparation resulted in poor performance. I made mistakes even in the easiest of the questions.

Results were announced

I got 189 in biology
185 in physics
193 in chemistry

It was 5.5+5.5. I had lost 11 marks. One more than what I expected.

Biology Entrance Exam Score-44.12
and 38.66 inPhysics+Chemistry Entrance Exam

Total cut-off was 271.78. I thought I will not get the medical seat which such a poor cut-off. In the previous years, it was around 285. I did not apply for the medical counselling itself. My friend Santhosh, who got couple of marks less than me applied with courage and belief that he would get a seat. I was shocked to know that he got a seat while I didn't bother to apply at the fear of not getting the seat.

Though I reconciled myself that I would not have got a seat in Madras Medical College nor Coimbatore Medical College I was quite worried. Infact I still worry!

I had not been telling about my performance in Maths. I scored 199 in Maths and made a blunder in the entrance examination by marking 14 questions wrongly. I usually solve the questions in working sheet and then fill in omr sheet. It was the last minute. In a hurry instead of marking from 77 to 90th question I marked from 78 to 100! So naturally I lost about 4 to 5 crucial marks in that. My maths entrance score was 36.93. Overall cut off was 269.59.

I had to apply for engineering counselling because I did not apply for the medical counselling. I had no other option left. I got the counselling rank. Mine was 2404 overall and I had a community ranking of 1248. I got a call for counselling on the third day. I knew I cannot make it to PSG but I was confident of making it to GCT. On the second day, GCT seats were filled. I was very upset. Infact even Kumaraguru seats were getting filled. On that day evening, I made a stern decision, whatever the college might be, I have to pick only Electronics & Communication or Computer Science or Information Technology. And shortlisted Kumaraguru, Krishna College. The next day, once Kumaraguru Open Category seats were filled, people shifted to other Chennai Colleges. When I was about to enter counselling, there were seven seats in Kumaraguru Computer Science. I was almost certain of getting it. When I entered counselling hall, they verified my certificates and took me to a Computer lab, where seat allocation was done. I was informed that, my session rank in Coimbatore was 1 and Session rank over all in Tamil Nadu was 3. And there were 5 seats in Kumaraguru Computer Science. So I would definitely get a seat.

At that moment, I felt that I was totally relieved. Life was appearing brighter to me. I was very happy.

I had expected something from life and life had given something else to me. The peristaltic wave called life had been taking me in a path which has been pre-determined. Whether I hang upside down or not, my journey through it will be on course! Life is all about making fortunate discoveries by accident. I discovered it on that day.

Journey will continue...