Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My last lab

Today I had my semester practical examination in Internet Programming lab. It happens to be a special exam, in many ways. I prepared for this exam for 30 mins today morning from 6:15 to 6:45. I had to prepare the chat program, which was the only program in that lab that needed some preparation. I was playing International Cricket Captain and watching Champions league T20 games yesterday. It was heartening to see yet another team from IPL making it to the next round. I was in no mood to study. It was like fun time. Today morning too I continued playing International Cricket Captain till 8:00. So it was really late for me. It was 8:15 when I left the home. Thanks to my Getz and the road(the road seldom has traffic on it!) I was able to reach college by 8:25. Exam was about to start by 8:30. I was and was feeling pretty confident about this exam though I didn't even bother to study the other programs. The last time I had been so confident was my OOPS lab!

I had to pick my lucky draw from lot of sheets available. I took a sheet, signed in the attendance sheet and had a glance of the question. One was a simple HTML page. The other was displaying date and time when the mouse moves. I thought it would be a cakewalk for me and took my seat. I read the questions patiently again. That's when the second question caught my attention. It was not just about displaying the date and time when mouse moves, the date and time has to move along with the cursor of the mouse. Immediately, my brain came up with the solution of using setting the style. But I forgot that it was to be used as document.getElementId('component').style.left = '100px'. And stuff like that, which I remembered after some time. Then I added a div and set the innerHTML (Such that a span inside the div is moved!) of that div after some trial and error work it worked well.

And I finished the programs by 10:15. This lab stands second best interms of the question I have received. The first one is data structures (it was in my third semester!), where I had to group a set of numbers based on the number of digits repeating in the numbers. It gave me the pleasure of doing something different from the routine stuff. And as my luck goes, I prepared only one program for this exam, which was chat and I did not get that one! It always happens to me. Couple of semesters back, with lot of difficulty, I patiently learnt 8086 Microprocessor programs and simplified the ones which were given to the class by my Ma'am. I spent a whole Sunday on that! But i got the simple 8085 programs during that exam.

This is the last lab I had in my B.E degree. Its quite sad to know that I won't be having the labs again. But the last lab exam will be etched in my memory for that sheer mouse question.