Saturday, March 6, 2010

There's a couple steps you can take to increase your speeds on Azureus (now known as Vuze). First, open the program and click on "tools" then "options". when the options window opens, click on the "mode" section. Set the mode to "advanced". Click the save tab.

Now click the "connections" menu item. Note the port it's using for TCP. Make sure that port is open if you're using any kind of firewall software. Likewise, if you use any kind of router for your broadband service you may have to log into your router to setup port forward for that port. You'll get a better response from trackers and the like by maintaining an open port. Just be sure you close the port when you're done downloading so you don't leave an open invitation to your computer.

Next, back in the options for Vuze you should see a submenu under "connections" click on Advanced Network Settings. Set the max outbound connect attempts to 64 then click save.

Now click on the menu item "Transfer" in the options list on the left. Set your max upload speed somewhere between 100 and 300. Lower if you have a slower connection. You want to retain bandwidth for downloading. Just remember that Vuze is a p2p network and a high upload rate is required for a high download rate. Most trackers don't allow leeching and will cap your download. Set your max upload slots to 20. Now set max connections per torrent to 120. Finally set your max global connections to 250 and click save.

While you can set the variables differently based on your connection, these settings worked best for me. I run on BSNL broadband and with minimum seeds still DL at about 60-90kB/s whereas before changing these options I was down around 15-25 kB/s.

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This site interest me a lot because of your good insight about the topic. its informative with lots of ideas
Vuze said...

Interesting. But how do you set up Vuze for lower connection?
I have a 512Kb and I get only 40kB tops..