Sunday, December 4, 2011

Conquering Klueless 7

I have not posted explicit hints. Its just a memoir on how I solved Klueless 7. It may still help you to reach the solution.

November 12, 2011.

I travelled to Coimbatore from Chennai and reached home at around 8:15 AM in the morning. After the usual routine at around 9:00 AM I logged in into the system and connected to Internet. As most people who use Internet do as soon as I connected into Internet I opened Facebook account. Once I opened Facebook, I got a ping from Hema (who was my Klueless 5 friend), Deepak are you not playing Klueless 7. OOPS! I had totally forgotten that Klueless 7 had been launched on 11/11/11, the date about which the whole media was going frenzy. Unlike K5 team who mailed me that K5 is on in a couple of days. These K7 team guys(gals too :P) didn’t mail me :@. Anyway that was history. I was in home and there is no other better place to play Klueless than home sweet home, that too on my desktop!

I informed my parents, I won’t be spending any time with them this weekend for I have to play Klueless.

Operation Klueless Starts…

Level 1:
K7’s home page helped me solve this level.

Level 2:
Having played Klueless and having built Cyber Cipher. Changing to the opposite took less than 10 seconds.

Level 3:
Reversing the answer which was right there in the middle of the page wasn’t much of a problem.

Level 4:
I used tineye to reverse search the image and the link I got there helped me to solve this level.

Level 5:
I found that all the characters in the image are related to Marvel characters. But it was a clue I found in blog that I need to look for a new movies to be released took me to past this level.

Level 6:
Having read Davinci Code and having written Mystic Murder, ROT 13 Solver helped me to go past this level. It’s quite a common phrase among web site designers.

Level 7:
“24”, this is the key. In Klueless 5, there are couple of levels with this Comics character. So this level too was easy.

Ha! The story takes a twist just when you think it is normal.

Level 8:
A simple level where I noted it was with the l, but spent nearly 3 hours going mad about the substitution. I was frustrated and took a break from the game. It was 5:00 PM. It was Hema who gave clarity in this IeveI.

Level 9:
Used ISBN calculator to solve the two ISBNs and get the answer. But if I took the source code literally this level would have been a much simpler one.

Level 10:
This big dipper wasn’t that tough. Going for the brightest one was obvious.

Level 11:
I was staring at the flower again and again but I couldn’t find what that flower was. Reverse searching too didn’t help. That’s when Hema’s 'pop' up came up in gtalk enquiring on my progress. She told me what the flower was. Then I had remembered about a day and it led me to a train, a treaty and finally a number which was the solution!

Level 12:
Over thinking will not help in this level. It was Victoria’s Secret and a ship which led me to a wiki page which had the solution in it. The url was stop ogling LOL :)

Level 13:
It was 7:00 PM. It was quite good progress, I guessed. Simple googling helped me to find about Romance Numbers and knowing about Fibonacci Series really helped solving this level.

Level 14:
I was rolling the dice 7 times for 7. Which was a problem again. I was over thinking. All that I had to do was watch the middle of the board.

I planned to take a break. Was dinner time. Resumed at 10:30 PM.

Level 14a:
It is same as 14. The only level in K7 which I thought was not necessary.

Level 14b:
Though it is a simple level. It was a very well thought out level. The connection between batman, Mr. Monopoly and the answer was simply superb.

Level 15:
Got the level’s answer from a Sudoku solver. But… but…but… the story doesn’t end there. I have never used Samsung Galaxy phone which uses the swype technology and that really cost me a lot of time. Hema helped me with the way to go about this level.

Level 16:
This level had a simple algorithm associated with it. Save the image > open in photoshop > Increase brightness/contrast >Answer would stare at you. It was a fairly simple level.
But it was calm before storm.

Level 17:
It was 11:00 PM. By this time Hema said she wouldn’t be playing further and left. Oh! Oh! This was THE MOST IRRITATING LEVEL in Klueless 7. I too slept off at November 13 1:00 AM.

Woke up at 7:45 AM. And started playing Klueless at 8:00 AM.
I needed 4 years which I found out after lot if googling. The sum of those 4 years was the solution.

Level 18:
If Q is A W is B the solution to this level is on the way. It was a breather after taunting level 17.

Level 19:
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is not a movie that was unknown to me. Saying anything more would be like giving away the answer.

Level 20:
Ah! This was a well designed level. I had to find about sponge bob his death note and then the flags.Once I assembled them together, the answer was staring at me.

Level 21:
Good that I had the answers of the previous levels with me. This level was a cakewalk :)

Wanted to take a break. So was playing chess with my dad. Had lunch and then was matching India-Westindies test match.

It was 5:00 PM.

Level 22:
I loved playing this game. But they were looking for that game's scientific name :)
A very well thoughtout level.

I had leave to attened Karthika (Raj Kamal's sister) akka's reception. Came back at 10:30 PM.

Level 23:
Looking through the gaps and staring at screen pointlessly helped me solve this level.

Was feeling tired. Slept at 11:30 PM.

November 14,2011 08:00 AM. I woke up without any sense of urgency. And continued playing Klueless.

Level 24:
I had been playing golf ever since I got my new Wii Games. That helped me solved the level.

Level 25:
Ha!Another level on a batman villain! But this time around I needed to literally follow the title.

Level 26:
I know that K means 1000. Somehow I solved this level despite not knowing much about the doctor's translation sheet!

Level 27:
A girl is all that I need and yeah the game in this level is GTA!

By now it was 2:00 PM. I was watching India vs West Indies match for sometime.

Resumed klueless at 5:00 PM.

Level 28:
Next to level 17. This was the most taxing.
First I had to get the trip sheet. Then I had to find 7 stations and the sum of the prices from A to B, B to C et., helped me solve this level. The answer is a leap year which had 3 Friday the thirteenths!

Level 29:
Every one who is playing Klueless would surely know this answer.

It was 7:30 PM. I had to leave back to Chennai. Already I had applied one day leave to office, can't apply any more.

November 15, 07:00 AM. I came back to my room in Chennai and continued playing Klueless.

Level 30:
Here I had to work on Tron and find two colors. Then the ethernet cable connected to my system helped me solve this level.

It was 8:00 AM. I had to leave to office. Came back at 7:00 PM and resumed Klueless.

Level 31:
Atlast a level on cricket. I found this answer but was missing the space bewtween the two words :(

Level 32:
I had to be really patient. Then tin-eye helped me find this person.

Level 33:
I got the mail id from Daipayan Raja. I still don't know how he got that. Need to solve it sometime later.
Then it was a cakewalk.

Level 34:
I was almost exhausted solving this level before Daipayan threw some light. But a brilliant level. Don't want to give much leads on this :)

Level 35:
It is a lengthy level. Again Daipayan helped me solving the mystic.

Level 36:
There are 3 parts in this level. Relatively simple. Finally Klueless 7 was conquered at November 16,2011 12:30 AM.

Special thanks to Daipayan Raja and Klueless Hema :) especially Daipayan Raja who was with me from level 33 till the end. My name reached the Hall of Fame this time too, a fancy number this time around :-). It was 123rd position.

Game Link: Klueless 7

Now it would be an year wait for K8!


risenshine said...

how to connect with the game??
level 8

Mamata said...

I was trying to solve level 33 of Klueless words for e-mail id but the id doesnt seem to work..can u plz share the id?

Deepak said...

share ur mail id, i will

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Please can someone tell me the answer to level 17..
what i could figure out is:

1 st line - year 1981
2nd ine - year 1901 or 2010 or 1910
3rd line - year 2005
line 4 - 1964 or 1998

Anonymous said...

I am not able to get through to level 16...stuck at 15 :(
I have solved the sudoku puzzle and have 4 sets of number ( 3 digit, 3 digit, 3 digit and 4 digit)...i realise this has to do something with swype but cant figure it out..been 2 days on this