Saturday, November 3, 2007

You would have seen google earth!
Similarly if you have a software to see the Internet?
what if the whole internet is made into a small pic and we zoom into it?
Someone has thought so.
And developed Web 3.0,a new technology.
This video is on that technology!!!
If you see the video,you would be awed with the power of that software,named see dragon!!

Web 3.0 is a term that is used to describe various evolution of Web usage and interaction along several separate paths. These include transforming the Web into a database, a move towards making content accessible by multiple non-browser applications, the leveraging of artificial intelligence technologies, the Semantic web, the Geospatial Web, or the 3D web. More often it is used as a marketing ploy to hype incremental improvements of Web 2.0....


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