Saturday, November 3, 2007

The 120 foot long video wall in Gehry’s InterActiveCorps IAC building provides an immersive experience that feels and looks out of this world. The high-resolution screen keeps the images crisp, making the entire lobby feel like a set of one long commercial.

As reported in Metropolis magazine, the wall was the brainchild of Bruce Mau Design, which proposed “a giant presentation for large audiences” that drive past the building along the autoroute next door every day. The technology involved in such a large rear-projection screen requires “not one, but 18 sequential projectors perfectly calibrated with computer software so that the point at which one projected image starts and the next takes over is barely ­discernible—a process called “edge blending.”


Brian Pasch said...

The company who installed the Video Wall and was also part of the technical design team was McCann Systems located in Edison NJ. You can read more about the project on their website: