Friday, November 16, 2007

Get Your Entrecard

I think I should explain what the button you see on my right is all about. I mean the button with a face covered with sticky notes and a capital E and the words, “drop yours” at the bottom. No I am not being naughty or saying something a good boy should not say like “up yours” or anything. This is a new toy for us bloggers to play with and it is called Entrecard.

Basically, Entrecard is like some sort of Ads exchange program. You sign up, upload your 125 x 125 image, grab the codes and insert it anywhere you like in your blog. When others who are in the Entrecard network sees your button and they want to Advertise in your blog they will click the “drop yours” meaning they want drop their button in your blog and nothing else. Once you approve of them “dropping theirs” (sorry, can’t help it) their button will appear for one day. If another comes along and want to “drop theirs” too, they will join the queue.

Bear in mind, this is NOT a money making opportunity. What you get when people “drop theirs” in your blog is points. Then you can use the accumulated points to “drop yours” in other participating blogs. So in the end everyone gets some free publicity. The thrill is you get to “drop yours” in humongously popular blogs like, which I got to do for free upon being invited to join, without accumulating any points. My button should be appearing for one day in shoemoney dot com by tomorrow or the day after, I think. And you know what? Shoemoney might drop his in my blog! It may come live soon, so be a good sport and give him many clicks, else this blog will look very bad.