Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Key Catcher

Capture 262,000 keystrokes (over 160 pages)!

This is a device that can be connected to a keyboard to record all keystrokes. It has a changeable password, keyword search, enable/disable option, and stores URLs. Records 262,000 keystrokes and does not require any software. Monitor unauthorized access to your computer or your network. Use it to troubleshoot or make fixes by tracing back through a users command sequence.
Key Katcher plugs in between your keyboard and your computer. A microcontroller interprets the data, and stores information in the non-volatile memory (which retains the information even when there is a loss of power.) This means that the Key Katcher device can be unplugged, and the information will not be lost.
To access the recorded data, you simply type your password in a text editor and the Key Katcher comes to life. A menu is displayed with options to erase data, view data, search data for keywords, change password, or disable the device.

Some neat features of this gadget:
Available in the "Magnum" 4MB size, 256K, 128K or Mini size.
It is Portable - move it from computer to computer.
Installs in seconds - Just plug it in.
Uses no system resources. Truly runs in the background.
Works with all PC Operating Systems with PS/2 keyboards. USB version available here
Data is retained even during system lock-ups and power outages.
No Software to learn. Use in conjunction with programs you already know.