Thursday, December 6, 2007

Have you noticed a problem if you try to download more than two files at once from the internet? The default number of simultaneous downloads from a web server is only 2. By tweaking the registry you can increase the number to 10.It is very useful for download freaks like me.

Instructions for Increasing the Number of Simultaneous Downloads

Launch Regedit Navigate to this key:

1.HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
2.Create a new DWORD called MaxConnectionsPerServer
3.Set the value for DWORD = 000000a
4.Create another new DWORD called MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server
5.Also set the value of this DWORD = 0000000a

Note 1: Check Internet Settings (Not Internet Explorer)
Note 2: Hex 0000000a = Decimal 10

1.Do you find the MaxConnectionsPerServervalue in HKCU** or HKLM?
Answer: HKCU

2.Should you add a value, or modify an existing setting?

Answer: Create a new dword set the value = 0000000a

3.Is MaxConnectionsPerServer a String Value or a DWORD?

Answer: DWORD.

4.Do you need to Restart, or merely Log Off / On?
Answer: As it's a HKCU, just logoff and logon.


Add this Value, MaxConnectionsPerServer to Regedit's Favorites menu

This maximum number of connections applies to any connection to a web server, not just to downloads.

This limit of two connections is set by the HTTP 1.1 specification (RFC2068) rather than Microsoft.


Pratosh Dwivedi said...

Nice tweak dude .. willl try it out. Your blog looks interesting ...

±. ...The Tentacles of Thought....± said...

This is only with IE I guess...coz opera supports many downloads at one tym

±. ...The Tentacles of Thought....± said...

Hey thanks fr the comment....took more than 50 posts .....dint get that....and why dont u share the link to ur other blogs in orkut...reply in my blog....