Friday, December 7, 2007

IP Tracer part two...

This post is the part two of my earlier post IP Tracer...

I had promised in that post that that I would soon posthow the IP allocation of my ISP works.And here is my post in regard to that.

My ISP is NIB(Natioanl Internet Backbone).

When I switch on the modem the modem contacts the nearest exchange to my home.Then the signal is redirected to another exchange,which is the primary exchange nearest to my city.

In that exchange the authentication process is done.Then the IP is allocated from a from an IP pool(this is a dynamic process).If you have learnt data structures you would have known about Open addressing in hashing.It is similar to that.Every 1 hour this IP address is reset to another value.And a record of the list of dynamically allocated IPs for a particular phone number is always saved by the ISP.

Are you wondering what NIB is?

It is the ISP of BSNL.


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