Friday, January 11, 2008

How to make Hot Ice!!!

How to make Hot Ice?
The idea sounds crazy??
But it is possible indeed....
The video shows how to do it..
It is a small video so all can check it out and feel the power of science which I felt!!!

Read these FAQ's after seeing the video

Q: can you drink it
A: yes but i strongly recomend you dont! it could even be dangerous
Q: does it explode?
A: no thats just a rumour. its a metal
Q: is it in hand warmers?
A: yes.
Q: is it hot or cold
A: hot, its 50-60 degrees
Q: what if you kept your finger in?
A: the water would freeze and you would have a block of hot ice on your finger.
Q: does your skin burn?
A: you can easyly bath in 50-60 degrees warm water so of course your skin wohnt burn
Q: put it in a drink?
A: it would be a kinda deadly joke. but i dont think its actually possible comparing freeze temperatures the drink would never get cold enough... alcohol is warm and would heat the chemicals at any degrees before its freezing state. its only possible with water i think.
Q: is it a dick?
A: no, its hot ice


PSYCHO said...

saw this a while back whilst youtubing

Adijo said...

wow this is the first time im seeing this!!! awesome post!

Ozzy said...

Hahaha! The last Q&A is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

what is that ascoite or something?

sandyyyy said...

wow....superb video..