Sunday, January 6, 2008

This MouseFone is yet another entry to the mouse-phone combo family, and it looks pretty ergonomic complete with a rather dynamic color scheme. I just hope the white plastic on its exterior won't fade to an ugly shade of stained yellow in due time - a problem that plagues many a lightly-colored device. Features from the mouse point of view includes the standard 800 DPI optical sensor, while as a VoIP handset, it comes with an integrated microphone and speaker, volume control, a dot-matrix called ID, an OLED display and a keypad. The MouseFone is smart enough to know when it is supposed to run as a mouse and function as a phone, but should all else fail (you can never be too sure with technology) there is always a manual switch.


Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Is it available in India yet? More details would be great!

C R D said...

wierd device man. why would anyone want a mouse that can be used as a phone? i mean wen ur in office and recieve a call, u'd rather multi task and use both the mouse to work on the pc as well as the fone to talk, right?

anyways nice info

Shiva said...

gr8 phone
but $$$ is what really matters!!