Thursday, March 6, 2008

A friend of mine in the mechanical department introduced his classmate named Premanand with the tag "The scientist of our class".I wondered why he is calling him so....
But after speaking for about 10 minutes with him I understood he is indeed a scientist.
He has discovered a new force named Iota force!!!
Now you may wonder what the hell is Iota force....
First we must brush up with Kepler's laws of planetary motion to understand this Iota force.

The second law attracts the attention....
It states that"A line joining a planet and the sun sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time."

How is this possible???

Kepler says that when earth is closer to sun it revolves faster and when earth is away from sun the speed decreases.
This was my knowledge before the meet with that scientist....
He said he has a different theory.(He says it is wrong)
Imagine a circle.With 2 points A and B in it.Such that A is closer to the center and B is away from the center.(As shown in the below fig)

Rotate the circle 360 degree(one complete rotation).Now velocity at the point A is less than velocity at the point B(velocity=dist.travelled/time taken and A travells lesser distance!!).
So it is not acceptable that Earth moves faster when it is closer to sun(as per the above proof).There must be some other force to make the Earth move faster!It is the so called IOTA FORCE.

He presented a paper on this theory!!!
This is the abstract of his paper....

This paper named “Iota force” propose the existence of new kind of force acting on
earth basically due to the rotation of the sun. Calculated results showed that the
centrifugal force that the earth posses merely equals the gravity of the sun if it is assumed

But since earth is a particle of the gravitational sphere spread by the sun, it
becomes highly necessary for the earth to balance as the rotating particle in the disc as
the sun (virtually the gravitational field) is rotating. But the calculations clearly showed
that the earth is more unlikely to be a particle in the disc as it is revolving at a much
slower pace than it should be. It clearly indicates that there is an unrevealed component
of gravity that is vital in keeping the earth in its orbit.

This paper states that it should be the rotational force that is opposing the main
gravitational field and keeps its out of the rotational effect of the gravitational field of the
sun. It is so termed ‘Iota Force’. But it is noted that the earth is slowing down in rotation
as the time is increasing and hence the Iota force actually decreases, which means that the
earth is becoming more and more as a particle of the gravitational sphere of the sun.
Based on this concept the paper aims at explaining the expansion of the solar
system, there by the expansion of the universe.

Does the IOTA FORCE really exist???
I agree with Premanand...
What do you say????


arjun said...

Very interesting and educative blog...
Good One...


Anonymous said...

Its quite logical and I completely agree with it...i would APPRECIATE A MORE DETAILED EXPLAINATION ON THIS PLEASE..

gonzalez said...

i dont agree with it because first of all the orbit of earth is elliptical. your friend taken it as circular one. do you know why all the planet have elliptical orbit. suppose if we assume there is no sun in the center of the solar system then the earth will rotate to the center of the sun tries to drag along with it . your freind has not taken the space distortion into account. discussing about the kepler law is almost outdated. new concept is based on einsteins laws of space distortion