Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lord Shiva as in my dream
Lord Shiva in my dream

I had a pretty strange dream today morning which I remember well. I could very well conceive a story from that dream. The dream started with me planning to watch a movie called Arundhathi(I have not watched it till now) along with my family in my grandma's home. But a different movie plays up on the screen. The story was about Lord Shiva in some city(I don't remember the names in my dream) who's eyes are closed. He's meditating. His temple was the cynosure for foreign visitors. I happened to be in the movie as well. I want the Lord to open his eyes. And make him see this world. When I reach the temple, to my surprise he does open his eyes, and speaks something in English! That's when couple of foreigners appear out of nowhere. They inform me and a person with me(must be my friend) that, the specialty of the this God is that, God opens the eyes and speaks whatever they speak at a particular location in the temple. I couldn't believe it. And the Statue of the Lord fell down and shattered into pieces at the end of the dream.

Well, the story might appear raw. But when I spruce it up, it might turn into an intriguing story. May be a part of Time to Live.