Monday, July 5, 2010

Atlast I am posting something in my blog. I am planning to post my travelogue on Malaysia-Singapore trip and Experience in Infosys after my training is over in Infosys (those are two REALLY BIG posts). Even this post is based on something that I learnt in Infosys training. It is no rocket science that we learn overnight. It was self-realization.

I was sitting in the Personal Effectiveness class(a class of 37) and it was an afternoon. I was feeling really drowsy and would have almost slept if not for this puzzle.

We were asked to connect each color/letter to its corresponding pair using straight lines and the lines are not supposed to intersect each other at any point. The lines should not go above the top A and below the bottom B. Mohan was sitting next to me and both of us were visualizing the solution. We thought it was not solvable(atleast for us).

Pravin, she was a woman with a man's name, was the facilitator. She asked, "How many of you in this hall think it's not solvable?". I knew there must be a solution but then I couldn't visualize it. So my hand went up in a jiffy. Mohan followed me and then few more hands were raised. But, since I was the one who raised the hand first, She called me on to the stage. She asked me to just join the pairs using straight lines without worrying about the intersection part. I drew. She pointed out the problem part and asked me to think.

In a flash I arrived at the solution.

Pravin told me, "I didn't give the solution, you solved it on your own. All that you need is belief that you can solve the problem..." and some blah... blah...

Personally I learnt few lessons from this puzzle.

Lessons learnt:
1. Sometimes you need to bend and adjust to reach the position you want to.
2. Where there is a will there is a way.
3. Better bend than break.

PS: *I would try to increase the frequency of posts.
*Conditions Apply :)


Karthikeyan said...

How about this solution..

1) Connecting two C's with a straight horizontal line.

2) Connecting two A's with a loop around the left side of the left most C.

3) Connecting two B's with a loop around the right side of the right most C.

Hope, you are getting a picture of what i m saying.

Karthikeyan said...

Enna thaan irunthallum intha mathiri unique solution kastam thaan .. hmmm ..

Nee gethu thaan po ..

Deepak said...

we should not go left of left-most c and right of right-most c da...
Forgot to mention in the rules!

Karthikeyan said...

Hm mm .. then

1) Connect two A's on the right side of the left C

2) Connect two B's on the left side of the right C

3) Connect the two C's over the top A or below the bottom B

Deepak said...

i have mentioned in the post itself you are not supposed to go above top A or below bottom B... As I know...There are only 2 solutions to this problem...
One is what i said other is mirror image to that!