Friday, October 26, 2007


I can not forget the past 24 hours in my life.....
It all started when i wanted to partition the drives in my system....

I had a software called norton partition magic.
It can partition the drives without any data loss.
But while partitioning there was some error.
And all my data was lost.
That was ok,As I had my backups stored in dvds.

All went smoothly and i partitioned.
But then came the sad part...

When I restarted my system.
It displayed "NO OS INSTALLED.Press any key to continue".
When i pressed some key,again the same message was displayed.
Then what to do?

I had a recovery drive of my PC...
I inserted it.
It took 6 hours to recover.
Then I installed everything again.

And now my sytem is back to normal :-)

With semester exams approaching,I am little busy.I will get back to my blog works soon....
I am now in a small state of hibernation.
PS:The post has nothing to do with the hibernation in the picture(lol..)