Monday, October 22, 2007

Kaspersky-My saviour

Having started this blog and posting 13 posts....
I realised today that I have missed out the most used software in my PC.
Today was my semester practical exam.But I was working on this blog instead of studying for my digital exam.Today morning I rushed up with a half an hour study. But since this is my usual habit for all the exams.I was not afraid.I should mention that as I selected a question from the randomly placed sheets I was little tensed.But when I saw the questions i felt the rush of adrenaline.They were easy i knew.The practicals turned out to be as easy as a 20-20 match for india.

As I was connecting the circuit in my exam and when the LED glowed,suddenly my brain lit up.The idea about a post on kaspersky came to my mind.
So here is my post on kaspersky.

Kaspersky is an antivirus software.I regard this as the best antivirus software in the world(wonder why google is not into it???).

According to AV-Comparatives, Kaspersky Anti-Virus (formerly known as AntiViral Toolkit Pro) rates highly amongst virus scanners in terms of detection rates. In 2006 Kaspersky Anti-Virus was ranked second, and was the recipient of the TopTenReviews Gold Award.According to PC World magazine, Kaspersky antivirus software provides the fastest updates for new virus and security threats in the industry.

Regardless,of the all these reviews.According to me they are just blah...blah...nonsense.This antivirus is able to detect every process in the computer.You can't ask for a better software.
And i love the way it detects the virus,as soon as you insert a pendrive with virus.You see the pop up sayin the virus was detected......I just love this antivirus.....

The link for download is

Download and experience the power of kaspersky!!!!!